Opening Reception June 15, 4-7pm

Show runs June 1- 30

My work explores the invisible , and the often hidden patterns that lie behind and are enmeshed within our reality. From our brains to nature to society and the cosmos, these patterns exist at all levels, from the micro to the macrocosm. We are pattern makers and pattern perceivers, whether we are conscious of this or not. These paintings investigate the idea of interconnection as the basis of our universe, our lives and our fundamental identities. We are interrelated and interdependent, and by discovering the patterns that surround us and are embedded within us we can perhaps reconnect and remember our true nature as being holistically and intimately intertwined with one another.

Originally from the UK, Sharon Molloy has lived and worked in Parksville since 2002. In 1998 she attended Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture and then moved to New York City for a one year residency at the Sharpe Studio program in Manhattan. She graduated her BFA in Fine Art in1990 at Winchester School of Art in England and received her Masters in Fine Arts in 2005 in San Francisco. Sharon has shown her work in New York City, San Francisco, London and her work has also been included in various publications- such as ‘Visual Complexity, Mapping Patterns of Information’ by Manuel Lima and Seed Magazine for Arts and Science. In 2009 she had a solo show titled ‘Infra-Structure’ at Catskill Art Society, Livingston Manor. More recently in 2016 she exhibited an installation of works titled ‘Worlds Within’ at Better Being in NYC, and in 2017, ‘Infinite Fields’ was installed in the Elevator Gallery, also at CAS in Livingston Manor. Sharon also teaches a gentle Yoga practice on Fridays here at Hurleyville Yoga Space.